Flee is a 3D action and puzzle game, in which the player acts as an elf, and uses the objects around her to escape the evil witch's chalet.

As the Gameplay Designer and the Level Designer,  I took charge of:

    - Documenting the gameplay design for the game.

    - Designing the level of the game.

    - Creating special effects assets for the game.

Gameplay Design

Our first design of the gameplay was totally different from the outcome. Our idea was that the elf couldn't leave water for a long time, so she was supposed to jump from water to water, such as jumping from a cup of water to a fish tank. But then, we found out the limition of our resources, both in art aspect and code aspect. So I pushed over all the gameplay design and redesigned it. I simplfied the controls of the character, and discussed with the tech advisors a lot to make sure that the new design is achievable. 

Here's what I did:

    - Designed and documented the gameplay of the game.

    - Altering gameplay details with tech advisors.

Level Design

After redesigned the gameplay, I started to redesigned the level. The first difficulty we encountered was the camera. The engine NeoX is an indoor engine of Netease, and it is used to built isometric perspective games, so the camera in the engine was a fixed-angle camera. It was not the best camera angle to show a tiny-scaled fast-movement character. So we changed the angle to a more flat angle. My basic idea was creating multiple layers in the level. Each layer is more like a 2D platformer, where the player can focus on solving puzzles or facing enemies.

The second difficulty I met was properly showing the witch's chalet through level design. The first solution was creating the contrast between the size of the elf and the environment by creating large assets. The long table and the magic tree is the center assets in the chalet. By exaggerating their size, I was able to hightlight the speciality of the elf. The second solution was using little gadgets as a part of the level layout. The flying pumpkins serve as the connection between two layers. Meanwhile, it is an uncommon but reasonable gadgets in a fantacy-styled chalet. These gadgets create a fun spot during the walkthrough, and also increasing the player's immersion.

Here's what I did:

    - Designed and documented the level of the game.

    - Worked with artists to determine and deliver the proper assets.

Creating Special Effects

I was responsible for all the special effects in the game. Compared to other engines, the VFX editor in NeoX has less varieties of functions. I sometimes needed to use different methods to achieve all the effects we wanted to present.

Jun Zhou

Ziying Guo

Songyao Wu

Jinlan Luo

Xiangxu Po


Art Director

Animation Artist

Character Artist

Environment Artist