UCSC Level Design Toolkit

UCSC Level Design Toolkit is a level design training tool. It uses ProBuilder as the basic modeling plugin, and includes in a bundle of different systems, such as third-person controller system, camera system, puzzle system, enemy system, etc.. This project provides an easy tool for non-programmers to pick up Unity and quickly build levels.

As the Lead Level Designer of the project, I was in charge of:

    - Designing and building the Desert Level for the project.

    - Creating game mechanic document, camera design document and character design document.

Level Design

I created the Desert Level, it is an example level for the project.

Click Here to check more about the level design.

Game Design

As the lead level designer, I was responsible for collecting the designers' requirements for game mechanic, character and camera, organized and delivered them to the programmer team. I wrote documents for each parts and worked with the programmers to achieve them.

For game mechanic, we discussed with programmers and decided to make triggers as our mainly method to activate or deactivate mechanic. We then listed all the mechanics we might need, analysed them with the programmers and filtered them, creating a mechanic document.

For character controller, we decided to use third-person controller. I along with other designers, listed all the mechanics we need, and narrowed them done to a reasonable amount, so they could be finished in time.

For camera system, I created a document to visually demonstarte our requirements to the camera. I worked closely with the camera programmer, test, debug, and provide potential solutions, especially on the collision of the camera.

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