Peace and Order

Peace and Order is a 15-minute room-scale VR experience about the Philippine Drug War where the player takes on the role of a policeman. It explores the moral dilemmas of exercising power highlighting the conflict between duty and orders from above with a more cavalier approach to human life and human rights, and the tragic consequences thereof.

As the Level Designer and Art Director of the game, I was in charge of:

    - Designing and building levels of the game.

    - Working with external artists to deliver assets.

Level Design

I created all the levels in the game, including:

      - An Interior shooting range level.

      - An Exterior slum level, and a modified version for another scene.

      - An Interior office level.

Click HERE to find more details and to see the walkthrough of the game.

Art Directing

At first the game was low poly style, but then we found this art style can't deliver emotions well to the player. After discussing, we changed it to more realistic style. We also wanted to deliver different messages in different levels, so I tested and determined the different base color for each level. More details can be found in the link above.

I communicated closely with external artists to create and deliver source materials, such as the body model, the flashlight, etc.. I also needed to create assets myself, such as the donuts, posters, etc.. After creating or receiving the assets, I then implemented them into Unity, modified their materials to match the lighting and color tone of the scenes.

Chelsea Manzano

Akshay Bardia

Max Gao

Iris Qin

Amy Albus

Iman Fayek

Mark Jang

Bagani Sularte

James Jordan

Alex Farrell

Creative Director and Development Director

Producer and Narrative Designer

Technical Director

Lead Programmer

3D Artist

3D Artist

Sound Designer


Sound Designer